Kindergarten 1st and 2nd grade will play on Sunday afternoons.

Kindergarten and 1st/2nd grade will play on 8 foot baskets

Kindergarten will play 4 - 8 minute quarters

All other divisions will play 4 - 10 minute quarters

We will not be playing on President Day weekend.

We will not be playing in the afternoon on Super bowl Sunday


Q: What size balls do we use

Kindergarten through 2nd grade uses a 27.5 inch ball, a youth size ball

Boys 3rd through 5th Grade uses a 28.5 inch ball.

Boys 6th through 8th grade uses a 29.5 inch ball, a full size ball

Girls' all levels use a 28.5 inch ball.

Q: Are there any "extra" costs for the league besides my registration fee? What does that fee cover?

A:PVBA operates a fiscally disciplined program that does not require parents to pay any extra fees besides the registration cost.  For your child's registration fee, each player will receive a full uniform (jersey and shorts) that will be theirs to keep at the end of the season, and the fee also covers the cost of gym time rental and custodial support from the school district, 2 CIF-qualified referees per game, a photo day package, game equipment and other administrative costs of running the league.


Q: My child is very talented at basketball. Can I register for a higher grade than they are currently in so that they get better competition and development?

A: No.It is the policy of the PVBA Board that each player must play with their classmates and not be allowed to "play up". While we understand that some players are very talented and will consistently outperform their peers, in the interest of consistent application of policy we do not allow this practice.



Q: What is PVBA's Wait List policy?

A: The PVBA Board of Directors has instituted a "cap" on open registrations, beyond which registrations will still be accepted but the players will be placed on a Wait List. This cap is as a direct result of both limited gym time and available volunteer coaches. Players will be notified at the time they register if they have been placed on a Wait List. We will clear players from the Wait List when there are sufficient players to form a complete team of 8 players and there is an available volunteer coach. It is our intent to clear players from the Wait List prior to the tryouts whenever possible. However, all registrants, whether they have been cleared from the Wait List or not, are expected to attend and participate in the tryouts. Players will be cleared from the Wait List in the order in which they registered. Players may remain on the Wait List until the winter holiday break begins in the event that another player drops from the league or suffers a season-ending injury. Once the winter holiday break begins, the Wait List will be cleared and those registrations will be refunded.


Q: When should we expect to hear from our child's coach?

A: For winter leagues, following the tryouts in mid-October there will be a player draft held by each league's coaches in which the teams will be formed. To allow sufficient preparation time for the coaches, these drafts are generally held in the last week of October. We ask each coach at the conclusion of the draft to contact their new team members as soon as possible, so you should expect to hear from your coach no later than the first week of November. If you have not heard from your child's coach by November 8th, please contact your Grade Coordinator, whose name and email address can be found on the Board of Directors page of the PVBA website. For summer leagues, there are no tryouts nor is there a draft. Instead, teams are formed by the Grade Coordinators with an effort to maintain balance across the teams. Due to the tight time constraints with the end of school, baseball all-stars, football/cheerleader practices and family vacations, these teams are generally not formed until the week prior to the beginning of games. You should not expect to hear from your child's coach until as late as the weekend prior to the start of the summer season.


Q: When and where are practices held?

A: It is up to each coach to schedule practices as they see fit for their team. PVBA does not provide any guidelines or restrictions as to practice times, frequencies, durations or locations with the exception that PVBA practices must take place on PVPUSD property for insurance reasons. In our experience, most coaches schedule at least one practice per week, though generally not more than two per week during the season. Because we are unable to offer indoor practice time, these practices are usually outdoors and either after school or on weekends. In summer season, most coaches hold a get-acquainted practice prior to the start of the season, but generally do not hold offsite practices once games begin.


Q: I would like to make a special request for my child to play with his/her friends or for a specific coach. How can I do that?

A: In the interest of establishing and maintaining competitive parity and opportunity, we regret that we cannot meet special requests such as these. All players enter a draft process which makes them available to all coaches so that no team is able to unfairly pre-arrange a "stacked" team.


Q: I forgot to sign my child up for PVBA and now it says registration is closed. Can I still get them in?

A: Unfortunately, due to capacity constraints in our Boys Division, we are unable to offer unlimited registration. Each league is capacity-controlled and will consist of 8 players per team. We offer a Regular Registration period.  We accept registrations until that division is full, after that we will accept late registrations without a guarantee of being placed on a team.  These kids will be placed on a wait list and will be offered positions in the league when and if positions become available. All late registrations will be subjected to an additional Late Fee.


Q: I registered my childfor PVBA but now we need to drop out. What is your drop/refund policy?

A: If this situation develops, we ask that you please notify us via email at info@pvba.net as soon as possible so that we may offer an open spot in our league to a child who is on the Wait List. Any registration that is cancelled prior to tryouts will be refunded in full. A player who chooses to drop between the time of the tryouts and the Draft Night will receive a refund of half of their registration fee. Following team drafts, any player who drops for any reason (including season-ending injury) will not be entitled to a refund.


Q: My child has a commitment to another sport and can't make the tryout dates that PVBA offers. Will that be a problem?

A: It is extremely important that each child attend a tryout session for PVBA so that their capabilities can be evaluated in the context of their peers and teams can be formed that are reasonably balanced from a competitive standpoint. While we recognize that most kids have a number of competing interests and priorities, there is a significant amount of volunteer time and effort that goes into establishing each league fairly, and so we ask that you make every effort to attend your scheduled tryout session and consider PVBA to be one of those priorities. PVBA reserves the right to cancel a registration of a player who fails to attend their scheduled session


Q: I bought a PVBA Registration at a charity event. How do I go about using it to register my child?

A: Each year, the PVBA Board authorizes a limited number of registrations to be offered at fundraising auctions associated with the PVPUSD. Should you have bought one of these in support of the school district, we thank you and instruct you to send us an email at info@pvba.net notifying us of your intent to use the registration. Because our online registration system does not allow registrations to be processed other than through a credit card, we will process your registration manually.


Q: I would like to offer my services to PVBA. How do I do that?

A: Each season, PVBA employs a limited number of high school aged boys and girls from Palos Verdes to serve as scoreboard operators for our games. If you are experienced with the game of basketball and knowledgeable of the rules and are interested in being considered for the available jobs, please contact us at info@pvba.net